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Vet location 

St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital. 

965 Hwy 26

St. Francois Xavier, MB


From the city. drive through Headingly,

Turn RIGHT at the Whitehorse statue. Then drive 3 more minutes


You'll see a Gold "Welcome to SFX" sign,

The Vet hospital is immediately after that on the right hand (North) side.

Its a nice escape from the city and your dog will love to

sniff around the large grassy fields.


Even though our name says Canine,

we work with all animals big and small.

“CANINE CHIROPRACTIC is amazing. It's not easy to find someone who is great with pets and also attuned to their owners needs.”

Casey Johnson

 Dr. G.Bailey BSc, DC

Veterinarian Affiliated

Dr.Bailey became Manitoba's first AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor in 1999.

He has over 20 years of experience with animals and 26 years with humans.


Initial Visit $100  Re-Exams $85  Follow Up $73 online questions and consultations $50

PLEASE NOTE:  24 Hr appointment changes/cancellation policy in effect. 

Improve Your Pet's Health

Whether your pet is a top show dog, competitive athlete, working dog, rescued fur baby, mixed mutt, young or old they all can benefit from a chiropractic wellness check up from an AVCA certified Animal Chiropractor.

Got a question about your pets case?

Consult with the doctor by booking online.

Canine Chiropractic

St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital
965 Highway 26
St. Francois Xavier, MB Canada

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