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It all started with one dog...


 "Shale" was a young lab pup who had a hitch in his step. The subtle gait change intrigued the curiosity of Dr. Bailey, This led him down the long path of becoming the first person in Manitoba to be certified in

Animal Chiropractic by the American Veterinarian Chiropractic Association [AVCA] in 1999.

He is considered by many a pioneer of this profession here in Manitoba.

Regular chiropractic care allowed Shale to move with ease and fluidity, enabling him to attain a Champion status quickly. Shale was even ranked the number 6 Labrador in Canada in 2001, despite having significant hip dysplasia.

Dr. Bailey attends regular continuing education seminars and maintains his board certification by the

Animal Chiropractic Certification Association [ACCC]. He is also a member in good standing with the Canadian Chiropractic Association and the Manitoba Chiropractor's Association. 


Dr. Bailey has over 25 years of experience adjusting all animals, and flies several times a year to Ontario to adjust horses. He has built trust with veterinarians at the Assiniboine Park Zoo and the Assiniboia Downs race track  and works with them on a regular basis,  Dr. Bailey works with some of North America's top show dogs and Canadian champions, police dogs, service dogs, sled dogs, agility champions and speedy flyballers. All these animals have benefited from proper chiropractic care of their health and performance.

Dr. Bailey practices under the direct supervision of Dr. Betty Hughes DVM at the St. Francis Xavier Animal Hospital, in accordance to the bylaws set out by the Manitoba Veterinarian Medical Association. He is the only chiropractor in Manitoba to follow these strict guidelines.

 When not adjusting animals, he takes care of his two legged patients during the week at

ChiroCare Health Centre on Taylor Ave. Winnipeg, MB beside the Reh-fit Centre. 


It is easy to say, that your pet will be in good hands.

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