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Warning signs that your pet
might need a check up

The eight most common warning signs are listed below

Puppy Sitting

Dogs should sit square on their haunches if they are over a year old. Any time a dog sits with one leg outwards or underneath themselves is a sign of potential hip and sacral misalignment. Dogs should sit square on their haunches.


Flinching When Touched

If your dog's hair flinches when touching the back or neck area is a sign of over sensitivity due to nerve irritation. Definitely get this checked.

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Roached Topline

Most breeds of dogs (except for sight hounds like Greyhounds etc...) should have a topline that is flat and parallel to the ground. When a dog's back is out of alignment, they hunch up their back, making it curve or arched, just like an old man with a sore back.

Taking the dog for a walk

Pacing when walking

This is a very common problem seen at every dog park, every day. Pacing is a possible sign of  neurological interference, and occurs while at a walking speed. The dog moves both limbs (front and rear-same side), at the same time in the same direction.

Normally, a dog should walk in a cross crawl manner, where opposite limbs move at same time. example, front left paw and right rear paw move forwards at same time.


Bunny Hopping When Running

If your dog moves both rear legs together in a hopping manner while running, this may be an indicator of sacrum and hip are stuck and misaligned.


Behavior / Attitude Change

Often owners notice changes in their pets behavior or attitude when they are experiencing a health problem.  Owners observe things such as their pet avoiding contact, avoiding grooming, hiding,  grumpy / aggressiveness , difficulty stretching, unable to jump up on couch / car or performing stairs has changed. Pay attention to this sign, it often shows up first.

dog nails.jpg

Long Nails

Nails should always be short. You should not be able to  hear tehm on the floor when walking. Long nails affects the how the dog pushes off the paw, altering the paw's flight path. Long nails also change nerve signals to brain when standing.  Having long nails is exactly like you trying to walk with flippers on at the beach.

Your pet's chiropractic adjustment won't last as long when nails are long.


Over Weight

A dogs spine deals with gravity differently than yours. The more weight it has on its belly, the more gravity will pull the dogs spine down into a sway posture. This extra weight makes it harder on their knees, paws, ligaments and joints. If your dog is overweight there is a much higher chance that it will experience more health problems.

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