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Wet Kiss
How We Work

Please sign your vehicle in  when you arrive at the vet hospital and return to your vehicle until waived in.

  • Dr. Bailey's hours for animals is on Friday afternoons from 2:00pm to 4:30pm at the vet office.

  • In accordance to the bylaws set out by the Manitoba Veterinarian Medical Association, Dr. Bailey practices under the direct supervision of Dr. Betty Hughes DVM at the St. Francois Xavier Animal Hospital. He is the only chiropractor in Manitoba to follow these strict guidelines.

  • Unfortunately, these strict MVMA guidelines prevent Dr. Bailey from doing house calls or see animals outside the vet hospital.

  • Everyone will be directed to the Animal Chiro Scheduling Page. There you will be asked to create an account and save your contact data, (don't worry, its super secure). This is an important step that will save you time and make booking future appointments very easy.

  • Payments for all services are pre paid using a secure online server.

  • If your pet's last adjustment was a year ago or their is a new problem or injury, please choose the     Re-Exam appointment type option. These appointments may require more time.

  • Dr. Bailey has special training and experience for working with elderly to new born animals. Gentle, effective chiropractic techniques are performed either by hand or by spring loaded instrument with a rubber tip.

  • Chiropractic is about detecting and removing nerve interference so that the body, (regardless of the number of legs it has), can be healthy and work the way it was designed to. 

  • Dr. Bailey promotes preventative care and educates owners not to wait for a problem to occur before seeking help. Just like a dentist, Dr. Bailey strives for a "clear check up" on his wellness clients. Regular preventative appointments  every 4 months will minimize chronic conditions allowing for optimal health and performance. 

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